Phat Meegz tour wrap up

S’up, PHAT MEEGZ Sydney tour/Paperbag weekend-der was crazy good fun. So many good shows and good people!

Big thanks to Phat Meegz for coming up and playing. Thanks to all the other bands for playing, watching other bands, hanging out and lending gear. Thanks to all the good venues who treated the bands kindly and respectfully.(the ones who don’t will never be attended again cuz no one likes $8 beers and powertrips)

Thanks to anyone who put up a flyer or posted something on FB. Cheers to Tempe crew for the awesome warehouse gig and cheers to the Hurlo crew for their constantly awesome hospitality. Cheers to Newcastle peeps for putting on a great night and props to the Big Parissi for mad sound skills once again!

Special thanks to Luke Razor for being the glue that kept this tour running with his constant kindness and resourcefulness.

Thanks to everyone who came out and hopefully we’ll have Phat Meegz up here later this year for another bunch of shows.