Revolution Rock – A Joe Strummer Tribute Night 2012 – Round up

So Revolution Rock is done for another year and what a bunch of shows they were! 2012 saw the tenth anniversary since Joe Strummer passed away and it was very important for us to do something big for it. Being able to do 4 shows across Aust

ralia and seeing so many people come out for the shows was amazing!One of the most important parts of the show is our involvement with the Strummerville Charity.
Strummerville do excellent work and it’s an honor to be able to assist them with their fund raising.We’re proud to announce that we’ve raised over a thousand dollars for Strummerville this year and that it will assist with their various endeavors to help young musicians and provide a positive message!Now we have a few people to thank for their great efforts this year.

Firstly to our sponsors Bombshellzine (cheers Brad!) and Hellcat Records( Ta Dave!). Thanks for all their great assistance with these shows and helping us get the word out.

To all the amazing bands who played this year – streams of whiskey, Steppin’ Razor, Sweet Teens, The Brixton Rockers, The 50 Bags, The Strums, Rise of the Rat, The Tearaways, Grand Atlantic, Ben David and The Banned and Hightime.

Thank you for putting in the time and effort to paying tribute to Joe and making these shows so much fun to be a part of. Not only were they great bands to watch, they were also great people to travel with and hang out and have a beer with!

Thanks to all the staff at Sandringham Hotel (rip) Reverence Hotel, Beetle Bar and Crown and Anchor

Also thanks to Joe in Brisbane and Ben down in Adelaide for their assistance with the shows. Special thanks to Mark Razor for his help with the shows and Brendan for his help with photos.

Finally a big thanks to the fans who came out to the shows this year and supported the cause and helped us celebrate Joe Strummer’s legacy. We meet so many great Strummer fans young and old who made these shows such a thrill to do and we give you our many thanks for your hospitality and enthusiasm.

It’s been a great four weeks!

This one’s for Joe!

Let’s rock again!