Cap A Capo formed in 2007. Since then we’ve played all over Sydney, toured Brisbane, played with (and upstaged) bands like Streetlight Manifesto, Star Fucking Hipsters, and a whole host of awesome local bands.Tome also punched Stza Crack in the face once, and it was hilarious.

Our music is a mesh of ska, reggae, punk, hardcore, metal and more. Our debut EP ‘Buy None Get One Free’ shot to #1 on the homemade-free-diy-handed-out-at-shows-and-record-stores charts, and in 2009 our full-length album ‘Have You Got What You Paid For?’ took the world by storm.

We have always tried to make shows, records and merch free or as cheap as possible, and have a strict ‘file-sharing is caring’ dictum. Our message is pro-love and anti-hate, anti-greed, and anti-establishment.


…Have You Got What You Paid For?(2009)