Last show for the year and new distro stock

Hey mates.

We’ll it’s the end of the year and so before I descend into a period of Fallout 4 and heavy drinking I thought we should one last show for the year.  It’s happening at Wasteland with Trash Bears, Avian Terror, War Hawk, Offensive Behemoth and Alex Party Cat on Dec 18th. You can find out more info here.

We’ve also added some new items to our distro recently.

The first is the new Amateur Drunks / Chinese Burns Unit split 12″. If you enjoy Aussie pop punk then this could be your album for 2015.

We’ve got it available of 12″ vinyl which you get buy here. Or you can listen to the Amateur Drunks side below.

Next up is the new Obat Batuk album Tiger Wants 17 Great Folk Songs From Newcastle. We’ve been waiting for this album for ages and it’s pretty great from start to finish.

We’ve got it available on 12″ vinyl or digital download which you can get here.

Finally we’ve got the new Trash Bears demo that was recorded a few months back in the final days of the Birdrib warehouse era. Pretty good pop punk stuff here. Looking forward to an EP in the near future. Listen/download it here.


We’ll have more new additions to the distro happening over the coming months and plus some new shows happening over the new year.

Till then, have a good one.